It would seem 2021 is set to be huge!

We really are blessed here in WA with so many events still taking place, and that's all thanks to the amazing groups and committees who have been willing to put in the hard yards! No doubt thanks to COVID19, events are that little more difficult to get off the ground! Last year CLP had the COVID special deal which seemed very popular, that has now expired however I have created some super money saving bulk packages to suit all budgets! Don't forget, you don't HAVE to purchase images, but PLEASE look at them! Images and video can be an extremely important training tool for you and how to better your position, or even check on how your horse is progressing with each event! Clearly, you could also buy them ;)

So what's in store for CLP in 2021 you ask?

Apart from the odd visit to Forrest Beach Capel & Busselton, the first event for me is the Off The Track clinic in beautiful Albany! I'm super excited that again CLP is in partnership with Off The Track WA for 2021! These clinics and events really are such a great tool for all horses retired from racing, and the riders too! Each coach is hand selected to suit the needs of our off the track horses, and for me it's been truly amazing to be able to capture the progress with some combos at each clinic! Last year I uploaded over 4000 images from a number of clinics, both metro and regional! Again, 2021 will see all OTTWA clinic attendees get a special rate of $10 per high resolution image (thats half price!).

Don't forget to come and find me in case I miss you!

Already booked for 2021 is the Welsh & Part Welsh Youngstock Showcase including Working Hunter & ARC Qualifier, APSB Stud Show & working hunter, WA ABHA State Championships, EWA Awards night, Gosnells Summer Show Offs, Riverside Show Horse and of course a number of one on one shoots, that's just up until February!


Over the short break I popped online and jumped into as many online courses and tutorials on how to better edit images, more so the custom images and background edits, it's certainly a work in progress! There are so many USA based photographers who offer mentoring, so if you are interested in getting some more skill behind a camera, even a phone, check a few of them out! I'd be happy to send you a few names!

I've worked out how to close an open mouth and change ears to ears forwards! It still takes a little time, but with practice no doubt I'll speed up (I HOPE!). You can view these in the galleries section named "Custom Edits".

I've been busy following a number of UK/USA photographers, and us here in Australia are WORLDS behind the level of most event photographers there, so I am trying to see how I can speed up yet improve event image quality. If you think that sounds difficult, well... It is! My aim has always been to try and provide the best images I can, and along the way I have made many mistakes, but much like we all make those riding and competing, the important thing is if you learn from them, and learning I am!

Did you know they use off and on camera flash indoors overseas? Can you just IMAGINE our horses reactions to that?!

New Things...

Well, you're reading it! I'll do my best to pop up the odd blog post! Firstly, it does help with bumping my site on Google searches etc, but it's also a way for you to have a read about my side of the fence! I've always been an open book, so here's your chance to catch up on the highs and lows of CLP as a photographer, there's so many highs, and some of the lows can actually be a bit of a laugh (at my expense of course!).

Here's to an amazing 2021! Wishing you all the best prepping your horses for this year! I look forward to catching you all via the lens soon!