2020 onward has been really tough on me, mentally and physically! I've over committed, covered many events, including covering multiple within one weekend and suffered some massive tech failures, lets not even get started on the health issues that have popped up! So here we are, 2022 and this year already I am almost fully booked!

So after much thought and sicussion with my family, gradually, throughout 2022 and 2023 I will attempt to make the switch from full event photography to private event bookings only.

Why? As many of you know, I care for my father who lives with us, and as he's getting older he is needing more and more care, for 2022 he is due for a double hip replacement so he will need a little more care as we get through this and whatever else is to come. I really need to find a way to make this work while being able to stay home as much as I can, yet somehow earn an income. So it may not work, it could be perfect... But I wont know until I try... Right?

I am really finding it less and less enjoyable covering events as an official photographer, my images are rushed due to timing, numbers and I'd rather provide a more personalised service, something I can be creative and give you the time you deserve producing work I am proud of.

ALL current booked events will be honored! Regular events I cover will also continue as I'm booked, such as the APSB show, EWA HOTY etc.

A few other changes will gradually happen, I will also create a safe and secure home studio for equine portraits within Bunbury, as well as more packages to suit studs for promotions.

This season, I will offer limited bookings for private event coverage for the weekends I currently have free. The private event coverage will hopefully be all CLP will be doing from 2023 onward, however I will continue to cover a few regular events as an official photographer. At this stage, I am offering private coverage for an introductory rate of $280 per day, per rider. This covers up to FOUR horses for the one rider and you can add in more horses or another team member/rider at an additional cost, these prices will be entirely tailored to your needs and numbers.

How this works: Simply let me know which event you are wanting to book for, I will then contact the event organiser and booked official photographer to check it's all ok. Once we get that, you will then be sent a contract of service and invoice, once you pay your 50% deposit and return your contract to me, you are all locked in. The remainder is to be paid no less than the day prior to the event taking place. While deposits are often no refund, I understand anything involved with equestrian events is unpredictable, especially horses, so this will be a case by case decision.

I will be with you either at your property while you prep your horse and follow you to the event and throughout your classes, to the stables, your cheer squad and more. Doing this will enable me to capture more artistic and creative memories for you to remember your day.

What you get when booking me privately: You will be provided with a minimum of 150 images per day and this booking also includes video footage of which will be edited into a 3-6 minute highlight reel. You will be provided with your own gallery of images within 48 hours of the event ending. Your highlights reel will be provided within 7 days. These images CAN be used for your own stud, training tables and passed on to your sponsors, however they cannot be used for profit or gain ie; selling merchandise/products with these images on it without prior discussion.

There is a bit of information and FAQ's on my website which you can find here. If you wish to book of find out more, feel free to contact me!

xx Christie Lyn.

Comeback queen!

I cannot express how proud I am of my friend Suzin Wells! Some of you know her from First Bit Equine, but for those who don't, check out her amazing come back in progress!