Ok... Not Quite, but almost!

The last 6 months for me have been absolutely HUGE! I've covered 28 events over 19 weekends, done an additional 17 one on one shoots and uploaded over 40,000 images on my website and driven over 20,000kms. Over committed? Maybe slightly, especially since it seems I'm shooting weekends and editing all week, so working 7 days a week isn't ideal for the mind or body, BUT I have been able to learn so much and met some super amazing people in such a short period of time!

Whats next? Well there are still more bookings and events to get through, but I will be taking leave during August for surgery and from September, I'll be back at it! Did someone say SLEEP IN?!

During August, I won't be working at all so if there are any urgent requirements, I do suggest you contact me via phone. As of my return in September, there will be a few changes that I really need to put in place and keep them in place... Firstly, I won't be covering more than 2 events per weekend, this includes long weekends. The edit time is too drawn out and while you are all so excited to get your images, it literally overwhelms me. I won't be putting myself into those stressful situations, stress isn't good for the soul. My hours will change to the following, to allow me have a life :p

Monday 8am-5pm

Tuesday 8am-5pm

Wednesday 8am-12pm

Thursday 8am-5pm


Saturday & Sunday shooting events as usual.

Taking a break is super important and I honestly feel like I have barely seen my kids the last 6 months (ok let's remember they are 17 & 18 so not seeing me is their life goal at that age lol) but I also have my own horses/life/hobbies outside of shooting I need put more time into.

This year is my 8th year doing photography "full time" and I still love it more than ever before! It has given me the chance to be home with my dad and leave the desk when he needs, without having to worry about working a "normal" job. So, I do really want to thank you all for your support, the bookings, crazy hours and long days editing and at times swearing at the computer! I really am blessed! (tired inside and out, but blessed).

x Christie Lyn