Firstly, I am so sorry....

I decided to take what I did as a hobby more serious back in 2011 with the wrongful murder of Mandurah local Jesse Cate, aged 15. At the time, myself and a few friends had a rather large car club known as Perth Car Cruises and we had decided to hold a memorial cruise, something for her young mourning friends to attend. It was during the organising of this I was blessed to speak to the amazing Judy, Jesse's mother. During the first phone call, Judy explained to me how devastated she was that over the years Jesse had deleted so many images of herself because she didn't like how she looked, but these were now memories that Judy couldn't ever get back. It was from that moment I realised that the tools and skill I had were far more important than just taking pictures of friends, their children etc. I have the ability to capture and create memories.

So that's why it began...

Recently, WA has been devastated with the "Wooroloo Fires". With so many people losing their homes, and also many within the equine world, a world I feel blessed to be a small part of. I have tried to see where I am somehow able to assist.

So I decided, as well as trying to support an assortment of online auctions, chucking some funds from images sold online towards the charities that need it most, I will provide 100% FREE shoots for anyone who has lost their home. These shoots can be family, equine, automotive or a mixture of them all, I will simply attend a location of your choice, give you 1 hour of my time and shoot whatever you choose pop in front of my lens, be it kids, family, horse, chooks, cars, kids... whatever is a part of your world. Hell, if you have been planning to get married in the near future and could be spending funds on rebuilding your home, let me know and if I am not booked for your date, I will assist.

I know it will be a while before you may all be settled again and have walls to again hang memories, but please contact me if you would like to have a fresh shoot done, to celebrate your new beginning. It's about memories, creating new ones. There is no expiry date on these shoots, if you contact me to capture your memories in 2024, then we will shoot in 2024.

This isn't ONLY for those within the equine community, if you have lost your home during the Wooroloo Fires 2021, this means you!

Unfortunately, I am unable to replace memories, but I can assist you capture new ones!

Equine & Events - If I have captured you in the past at any events, please send me a screenshot and your email address, I will email you the images I have of you, at no cost. Even if you haven't purchased them in the past, that is fine!

Free Shoots - CLP will provide you with one full hour. You will be provided with your own online gallery after the shoot with professionally edited images, for this gallery you will be provided a code to download high resolution images ready for print. There is NO LIMIT. If you wish to download the entire gallery (within 1 hour, you can expect there be a minimum of 50 images) then you are welcome to download the entire gallery. I will also assist with printing or print vouchers for those who have shoots done.

Cost - ZERO, no travel, no fees, nothing. This is my gift to you to be able support you start to gain cherished memories you have lost.

Other - As you are aware, there are unfortunately people who will take advantage of these offers, so I do require some form of confirmation, a person who can referee, an image or address. I HATE having to request such information, but I really don't want to be scammed into shooting for someone who deserves nothing but a few kicks to the shin.

Repair - I have spent "some" time repairing damaged and old images, I am by far NOT professional at this, but have experience doing so. Please let me know if you have any damaged images that require repair and I will do my best to try and recover it to its original condition, or close to.

Shhhh - No one need know, your free shoot is treated no different to a paid shoot! I don't do this for the props, cudos, the well done or thanks. I do this because I am human and I believe the good feeling you get in your gut helping a fellow human is thanks enough. I do this because I truly appreciate how important captured memories really are.

So, in closing... IF you know someone who has been effected, please send them this blog post, OR contact me directly, I can put together a gift voucher for you to pass on if they may be too "proud" to contact me themselves, see, I get it... I'm a bit that way, always happy to help, but really struggle to accept it!

Otherwise, when you are ready, please contact me and let me know when you would like to book in.

I can be contacted via social media, or via E: P: 0412 553 202 W:

Please head to EASE WA on Facebook, they have multiple posts regarding where you can go for other immediate assistance, being paddocks, animal feed etc.