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Please note, Christie Lyn Photography only covers show horse events from January 1st 2023. If you are looking for an event photographer, feel free to contact me and I will happily provide you with a list of recommendations best suited to your event.

See below details on how CLP covers your event and the booking form. Please contact me if you have any questions.



It's common for me to book out up to 4-5 months ahead, so the earlier the better but I am often able to assist with any last minute requirements. Please feel free to contact me for availability.


Nothing! I attend your event and capture it, once completed and edited I then make sales from your event entrants.


This can depend on how busy it is. I do always aim to have all event galleries completed within 7-10 days. If you require your images urgently for publications please let me know and I will do my best to have a selection completed.
Please remember, I have a family and my own animals so I do spend a little time away from the office to refresh and "live life".


100% yes, there is size or print restrictions but all images purchased for personal use MUST be used for only that and not reproduced for gain. If you wish to print, please purchase the highest resolution and web resolution is only suited for online, socials etc.


Simply put, no. By purchasing the images I am granting you permission to display them.
The copyright will remain with me for my entire lifetime + 70 years (Copyright Act 1968).


While it is against the Copyright Law to alter another persons image, I don't have time to chase everyone up.
So, please do NOT credit me on socials if you choose to filter an image of mine. Your edit may deter another possible client from purchasing or booking due to the low quality or effect.


As a photographer it’s important for me to be able to show my existing work to attract new clients.
Typically, you can expect to see images from events I shoot to show up on my website, portfolio, blog and social media. Sometimes there are special circumstances like for undercover police officers or people under protection orders that cannot have any images of them online, and of course I absolutely respect that. Personally, I refuse to publish any fall images. If you had a fall, please message me and I will email you proofs for viewing.


Your photos are all easily purchased online, you ahve the option to pay via Paypal/Credit or get my bank details and make a funds transfer. Once you complete the purchase process and have paid, you will get an email with a download link almost immediately. Please be sure to double check in your junk file!


Yes! All events have a "buy all" bulk deal. Generally this is between $150-$200 per event, per rider. Unfortunately my store doesn't offer an easier option. Simply create a favorites collection with ALL the images you would like and then message me for bank details providing me with your email.

Information on how CLP covers your event!

I often don't get a chance to speak with event organisers prior to a show apart from confirming my attendance, so since I provide shoot and wedding agreements and information prior to those booking with me, why not do the same for events? So, I have put together an information sheet of which I will email a nominated committee member for your review. By having CLP cover your event, you agree to the items listed below, but if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me and I am happy to discuss with you!

Below is the information sheet I will provide when you book with me.

HOW DOES CLP WORK? I (CLP) attend your event from start to finish of course unless discussed prior at no cost. My coverage of your event is my own eyes interpretation of what’s in front of me, while of course making image sales is important for me and my family, CLP has always aimed to capture memories and special moments. If you have any specific requests for your event, please let me know and I’ll do my best to be sure to complete them. It is appreciated to have committee support when it comes to covering an event, so sharing links, my website or page is always welcomed.

After I have completed editing your event galleries, your committee has access to 10 high resolution image downloads for future event promotions, sponsors and your newsletter at no cost as a thank you for giving my business the chance to operate at your event. Please do not use these or non-watermarked images on social media, but feel free to share any images I post on my business page. The week prior to your event taking place, you will be provided with a passcode which is strictly confidential to download your 10 images of choice. Publications are not included in the 10-image limit, I will happily provide additional images for publication. When your article has been written, please have the writer pop onto my website and create a favourites file to contains images in relation to your article, I am then able to send this download link directly to the publication or writer.

IN THE RING: I will avoid being within the ring as much as absolutely possible. I have a large lens which allows me to capture your event from outside the ring to avoid disruption to entrants, horses and your judges. I will enter the ring during presentations but only if required and only once the judge has made their decision. In my opinion, the only people who need be in an arena at any time are judges, stewards, ambulance officers and of course the horse/rider/handler. This may change depending on the size of your rings, but I will speak with your ring marshal prior. I will not communicate with your judge/s unless they should communicate with me or if I need give them instruction for an award shot. Any issues or requests, I will always approach a committee member or your ring marshal. Clearly, I will say hello to them and be social where required, but I am a firm believer that as a photographer, much like an entrant, I don’t need to be bothering your judge, especially once your event has started.

SELF-SUFFICIENT: As a photographer, the ideal position for me is to have the sun behind me, this shows the true shine and colour of the horse, so I will move as the sun does during the event, so please don’t stress about providing cover/shelter for me as I am required to move angles often. CLP is self-sufficient, so please don’t worry about accommodation for multi day events, drinks or meals for me, I bring my own snacks/drinks, car setup for camping and will always happily support a coffee van (lots).

EVENT SIZES: Events with more than FOUR rings or multiple rings spaced apart, I do suggest you book additional photographer to assure full coverage of your event. If you are unable to, please let me know and I would be happy to assist in finding a second photographer or send you recommendations for others who may be able to attend. I do prefer to remain seated while shooting to be even with the horse’s shoulder wherever possible, I feel this gives a better horizon and accurate representation of the horse’s size and confirmation. So, running between spaced out or multiple rings, I personally feel the quality of images can be affected.

GALLERY TIMELINE: My aim is to always have your event galleries completed within the week following, however due to shooting full time, at peak times of year can be up to 14 days after. I do shoot commercial and private shoots during the week and am also a carer for my father, so at times there can be delays. The lines of communication are always open, I do my best to keep everyone up to date via my business page. IF you have a deadline for publication or journals, please let me know and I will prioritise these images as a matter of urgency.

IMAGE NUMBERS: CLP on average provides 1000 images per full day event, this does depend on entry numbers of course.

AWARDS: In order to keep your event flowing within it’s time limits, CLP will always get images of awards/ribbons being given, shots with judges in the ring, but if by chance a horse isn’t happy to stand for a correct image within 30-40 seconds, CLP will request the handler take the horse from the ring for images outside so you are able to commence with your event.

RINGSIDE: Please feel free to let your entrants, sponsors or committee know that CLP is more than happy to do team/stud shots! If there is an active ring, they may need wait a little but are always welcome to come and find me.

EXCLUSIVITY: CLP shall be the exclusive official photographer booked for purpose of photographing your event. If you book an additional photographer/s, please just let me know in advance. I have always been more than happy to work with others and have the firm belief “the more the merrier” as you are always best have too many images from your event, than not enough! However, costs of running my business alter if my sales halve due to there being two of us in attendance, so I do need pre-plan for the possibility of this. I however do not support photographers who give images out for free, they not only undervalue their own work, but works of the entire industry.

EXTRAS: CLP can also do a highlights video during your event. These highlight videos are usually 3-8 minutes in length. If you wish, please let me know and I’d be happy to do this. If you wish to see examples, please feel free to contact me. If you do not request this, it won’t be completed. You are provided with a free shareable version, for larger formats there is a charge of $85.


BAD WEATHER: I will shoot in the rain, hail and super high shine, however the number of images provided can be affected by certain weather conditions. I aim to stay under cover where possible during rain due to my camera gear being sealed to a certain level of water resistance, which can affect the angles and number of images I am able to take. I have a station wagon I can shoot from the rear of which provides slight cover for me from bad weather, if possible and I have safe access and permission for my car to be close to the ring/arena without bothering the ring, I am happy to do this. If rain is expected, a parking space not too far from the arena or a secure area to pop my spare gear and camera bag out of the weather would be appreciated.

DON’T SHOOT ME: If someone asks me to NOT take images of them, or remove them from the galleries, I respect that request, no questions asked.

IN A RUSH: While I do my absolute best to get every single person, award winners or not, if they wander off and don’t pay attention to my request to capture them I won’t chase them down, especially if your event has an active ring as I prefer not miss the next class. So please if possible, have your ring marshal let them know after any award has been given to come to me for their images if we have been unable to get the horse correctly within the ring. I cannot stress the importance of reminding major prize winners to PLEASE do a lap of honour prior to leaving the arena.

NAUGHTY: CLP refuses to publish any images which may represent our sport or breed in a negative way. Mouths too open, rearing, kicking, bucking, biting, heads turned to the outer of the ring, ears pinned back, riders or handlers falling, gear or clothing malfunctions are all included in that. My aim is to capture your entrants and event at its best. If a horse is unable to correctly stand for a presentation image within an acceptable timeframe, CLP will instead do a head shot rather than publish a bad standing shot. CLP also refuses to take any form of “from behind” shots, including during show jumping rounds, no image from behind is flattering or required. At times, depending on the situation, I will still capture the naughty moments, but they will not be made available for public viewing under any circumstances by CLP. IF the owner or the horse would like to view these images, they are welcome to contact me, and I will send proofs via message or email. If they choose to publish these images for viewing, that is their own choice and CLP cannot be held liable. IF your committee requests NO naughty shots at all, even for the horse owners, please let me know and I will delete them entirely and let the owner know I didn’t capture them.

PHOTOBOMBERS: CLP recently added a new rule! If someone should choose to stand in front of me while I’m shooting, I will take a fabulous image from behind (waste up of course) and to save the “why didn’t I get any images in the line-up” questions, I’ll also be nice enough to add their fabulous behind portrait to the gallery. This includes other photographers, cheer squads, mums, nan’s and lost husbands. I spend quite a bit of time and thought into popping myself where I am. YES this is slightly tongue in cheek, but if they aren’t able to see the massive lens, or hear it, or see me for that matter, then being close to the arena really isn’t safe for them. If possible of course, I will kindly ask them to step out of my view but when they step in front of me suddenly when a horse is 3 strides out from a jump or a winner is about to be announced, often it’s too late to capture the moment. I have found this new rule to work rather well.

COPYRIGHT: All images are copyrighted to and remain the property of CLP.

xx Christie Lyn