Thats a wrap!

Well it was back in 2012 when I got my very first media pass for One Night Stand burnouts at Bunbury Speedway held by Richie Howlett, and from then onwards, I was hooked!

At the time I had done a few one on one automotive shoots and worked at Repco, I have always loved cars. My dad always had loads of nice cars over the years, I was often out on cruises and helped organise a few.

Just last weekend, I made the dash from Albany to Bunbury in time to hopefully snap some of the burnouts, while I made it by 5pm, it really was to be the decider for me.

Shooting burnouts has always been an adrenaline rush, the times I've gone home with bruises and burns I couldn't count, the times I had to decide to risk my camera to protect my face was almost at all events, but I was always back again.

I'm not really a thrill seeker, in fact I'm petrified even on a ferris wheel, but standing alongside that pad for hours on end watching car after car come out pushing its limits was it for me, made my blood pump! The sounds you hear echo for days after in your ears, eyes burning from the methanol, the burnout rubber stuck in your camera gear for months, and let's not even mention the burnout boogers (YUCK), but I loved every second of it.

Last weekend was different. I watched the clock waiting for that time to come along where it was camera down and home time, and it wasnt from lack of action! Some of my all time favourite drivers and cars were there, and while I felt that excitement for them, wishing them well, that "oomph" for me taking images was gone.

I have been blessed over the years to attend some awesome events, Gazzanats always being my favorite, as well as the people involved. I have met people who are now family, including my other half. I've been able to share a love and passion for burnouts with my sons at events! But, I've also suffered my fair share of the assholes, they have those everywhere unfortunately. Because of this, I had to learn to keep personal and business separate. I have only ever put my camera down for two people, and those two people attacked my business publically.

While the sales are terrible, and as far as business goes, it's never a smart decision to risk not only income but the workhorse of my business being my camera gear, I have just lost the love.

Luckily, I won't be missed due to the fact we have so many amazing media folk willing to stand out there and cover these events! TREASURE THEM! I will still happily cover one on one automotive shoots of course!


Don't be a tight arse, buy one shot/video, or even 10. Book a shoot of your kids or car through them, many of them do other types of media/photography too! So all the best to those who have stuck it out and are by far the best there is... The oldies who I have always watched their work with envy being Phil Luyer, Ryan Annear, Jordan Leist, Andrew Cummins, Peter Flint, David Lizars, all of which you really can't beat experience and quality wise. Then of course Cortnie Cooper, Big L, Jessica Dalton, Shane Honess and a few newbies who are kicking ass being Wotabitch Productions (Chloe) & Hektic Skids (Kyron).

So, for me that's it! I now will enjoy staying on the other side of the fence capturing memories for Clint, and enjoying watching him skid his own car, that's if I'm not booked elsewhere :p I'll now enjoy being a clean photographer specialising in the 4 legged horsepower and families.

Images prior to 2021 are on my old website and have been reduced to $10 each, a few unedited but will be edited once purchased. These galleries will be no longer accessible shortly.


Thanks for all the support and see you all out there again soon!