My Kings - Image By Grant Photography

The old man - My best mates in one image.

It's all for these guys.

I love horses & being able to work with such amazing creatures (and their owners/riders too!). Image by Aussie Platinum Photography.

Because it matters!

This year has certainly been filled with ups and downs here, especially the last 3 months! Have I considered my choice to be a photographer? I'm not going to lie, absolutely! But why do I bother? Because to me, it matters.

I love what I do.

As some of you know, my youngest son was involved in a car accident as a passenger August 30th. He's home off work for some time recovering with a fractured spine, so life here has been a little crazy dealing with appointments, his tafe, work, healing and of course keeping in check with his mental health. It's REALLY hard to keep a 17 year old relaxed and still. I have had other things going on also that I'm sure no one need hear about, just general life, caring for my dad and recovering from surgery and the speed bumps from that along the way.

Remaining transparent is important to me, I try my very best to keep everyone up to date! Luckily for me, I have had only ONE person message me annoyed about the time delay with their images. Everyone else has been amazing!

If I could ever predict that life would get chaotic at any point, would I book events in? NO WAY!

I book up to 12 months in advance. I have a choice, I can either back out on the event and see if they can hopefully book someone else to cover it, or I can go as agreed and do the best I can to edit and get the galleries online within a decent time frame, so I chose the later.

It's just unfortunate the "decent time frame" has stretched out to approx 3-4 weeks.

So at this stage, I feel like I have been chasing my tail and I'm not getting any closer but with only 3 more events and a handful of one on one shoots left for me in 2021, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel! I haven't booked anything for January at this stage, because I am hoping that between now and then things may change and then I can get back to completing galleries within the 7-14 days.

Upcoming galleries for completion.

Show Horse Council WA Horse Of The Year - The last few classes from Saturday are being uploaded this morning.

Dinninup Ag Show - Currently being worked on for upload.

38th All Welsh Show - Up next, I expect this event be completed by Tuesday next week.

Yalambi Show Jumping - In the line up. I will begin to work on this event at the same time as the Welsh event, so sporadic uploads will take place.

There will be a few changes for me in 2022 when it comes to event bookings, I will certainly reduce my workload and not book any more than one event or a multi-day event each weekend. As they say "dont get too busy making a living you forget to make a life". So family time, time for myself and better time management is a huge goal for me in 2022!

Please remember, as well as equine events, I have paid bookings. These bookings will always come before events. I have 3 client galleries I am working on at the moment, I am editing the equine events while waiting for exports and uploads etc.

So a big thanks to everyone for being so amazing, hopefully I'll see you all out and about again shortly!!

x Christie Lyn