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Born in Geelong, Victoria I migrated to the west in 2000 and have called it home ever since! I live in the beautiful South West of WA in Bunbury with my partner Clint and my father who is known as "Grandpa" to most! My sons are never far away, often called my "boomerangs" because they always come back home, which is totally fine with me! Cody is 21 and Billee is 20. I also have 3 amazing step daughters I miss out on seeing often as I always seem to be away working on weekends.

We have quite a few bosses here at home, Diesel (Staffy x), Boss (Jack Russel), Nowra (Cockatoo),Latte (Jane Lee Dragonfly) my Welsh B and Winnie (Thorne Park Magnolia) my over-height riding pony who I aim to hopefully get into the arena with in 2024! Oh, I'm totally a talker, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Back in 2005 when my boys were much smaller, I was a scrapbooker (don't hold that against me, that hobby has passed) and to be able to create better pages, I decided I'd need better pictures so I picked up my first ever DSLR camera! It wasn't until I moved from Kewdale to Bunbury in 2009 I decided to upgrade my hobby to a business and create what has turned into a living dream.


I have always loved cars thanks to my dad who has almost always had a fast car. I have fond memories being in his SLR Torana as a small child, to short to see anything but the tree's flying past the window. I spent most of my time as a teenager in Geelong hanging around Eastern Beach enjoying the cars cruising around and may have enjoyed the odd illegal drag event waaaay back before Avalon airport was used as a commercial airport. When I first decided to start this little business I was working at Repco and there was no automotive photographers locally, there was a space in the market, so I jumped at it! 

As for horses, well I grew up on land and rode as a child, while having a long break from anything horse while I had children, horses have and always will be a massive part of my life.

My business has certainly taken some twists and turns over the years, but I am happiest behind the camera capturing memories! I'm one of the lucky few who gets to do what they love!

"What other people think of you is none of your business"

—My favourite quote


  1. Christie Lyn Photography started off as "Rotten Apple Photography". Lyn is my middle name, my surname is Appleyard - my very first tattoo was of a rotten apple on my wrist. As time went on, I figured people may not wish to book me to capture their child being called that, so it was then I changed to CLP - I promise the tattoo isn't as bad as it sounds.
  2. When in high school, one of the subjects I was "stuck" with was photography. I HATED it and failed! It goes to show, never make solid plans in life, you really don't know where life will take you!
  3. When I'm not shooting, in the stables of with the family, you will find me on the couch binge watching my favourite shows - The Real Housewives, yes all of them! I also love The Kardashians... Please don't judge me!
  4. Apart from horses, the only other sport I do enjoy watching if AFL - Go the CATS!!
  5. I love all genres of music! My most favourite artists would have to be Eminem, John Farnham, Luude, Jimmy Barnes, Amy Shark & Disturbed. 
  6. My newest tattoo is on my bottom, my other half was meant to draw a smiley face instead he wrote CLP... It's quite possibly the worst line work ever, but it was an absolute laugh! Worth it!
  7. I have spent most of my working life working in aged and disability care. I worked most recently in an aged care home doing nightshift all on my own with 40 residents!
  8. My most favourite drink is coffee, but it there need be any alcohol it's always lemon, lime & bitters with a shot of tequila! 
  9. I suck at anything that requires decent hand/eye coordination... My focal eye is my left, but I'm right handed!
  10. I've recently lost 60kgs in weight!

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