Where are you located?

I am located in Bunbury, Western Australia but travel far and wide for events and sessions throughout Australia!
There are no additional fee's for those within 1 hour travel time of
Bunbury CBD, after this I charge a fee based on distance and of course the current fuel costs, quite often I don't charge extra due to multiple bookings for that date, so please get in touch for more details.

What insurance or clearances do you hold?

I have $55 million in public liability insurance.
I also hold a police clearance and working with children check, I am more than happy to allow you view this either prior to booking or during the process!

When is payment required?

Upon booking, a $100 non-refundable payment is required to secure your spot which will be credited towards your session cost. You can pay the remainder of your session fee in advance, or you can wait until viewing your gallery. Images will not be released to you, until full payment has been made.
I offer a number of payment options, PayPal & bank transfer. Payment options are available if you have chosen your package but are unable to pay the full amount immediately.

Do you have a studio?

I don't! But, I have many years experience being a natural light photographer, which means outside is my studio.

What is your style?

I’m a natural light photographer who prefers capture lifestyle type sessions with humans.
Instead of taking posed photos of you all looking perfect cheesily smiling at the camera, I will capture and guide you to be your natural selves to be able to best capture the genuine emotion, love and connection between your family. Perfectly posed or forced photos are not the real deal, capturing the real emotion and connections in a meaningful way - that is my aim.

Where do we have our session?

This is your choice! It depend's if you prefer beach, bush, industrial or parkland with trees! I will happily scout your local area (and already have quite a few places mapped) and find a suitable spot if you cant find any!

Do you offer any regular discounts?

YES! All residents with the residential postcode of 6230 will get $50 off their session (ID must be provided upon payment).
Pensioners & Healthcare Card holders get $80 off their session.
Sponsored riders/drivers receive a full session at HALF PRICE.
EVERYONE deserves to have images and memories created, so I aim to be flexible to suit, this includes payment plans over time. Please contact me if you wish to know more.

How long does a session take?

The type of shoot you have chosen will determine how long the shoot will take. Generally, anywhere from 45 minutes to a hour and a half. It’s important to be punctual for your session in order to get the most out of your session.

What is the best time for an outdoor session?

Golden hour is a real thing! It's the best time of day for your session because the light is less harsh during sunset/sunrise than during the middle of the day.

All of my sessions are booked between 6am-9am or 3pm-7pm depending on the time of year. YES I can shoot outside of these hours, but for the absolute optimal lighting for skin tones and shadows, the above is always best.

How many images do I get?

Each session includes TEN professionally edited, high resolution images for download.
The type of package you have purchased will determine how many images uploaded to your gallery, but generally within 1 hour you will have at least 40 to select from.
You will also have the option of purchasing additional individual photos at $20 each, anyone wishing to add more than 5 images, please contact me for a bulk discounted price.

When will I see my photos?

14 days - CLP has a new promise, your gallery completed within 14 days or you will get your session FREE! This includes a refund of your deposit!!

I’m usually excited to see your images myself and tend to start on editing straight away. This usually means that you will be able to be able to view your full gallery within a week. Please allow for up to ten days, I endeavour to get them completed as quickly as possible, I wont rush your edits and reduce my usual quality.
Once your gallery is complete, the images will be uploaded to my website and I will email you a link to view your gallery. From there, you can choose your favourite images. Your gallery will be active for 7 days. Once you have chosen your favourites, I will email you a download PIN to download your images straight onto your computer. You can download at a quality suitable for social media, as well as Full Quality for printing or make use of my own Australian printers via my print store.
It’s important to note that the photos viewed before choosing your package will have my logo on them. Once you have chosen your favourites, the logo will be removed. Feel free to share the images you download or share your gallery on socials for friends and family to view!

Will my images be public?

This is YOUR CHOICE! I am always happy to provide a secure password protected gallery and not post on socials upon request. If you don't make me aware of this choice, by participating in the shoot, you are agreeing to allow your images to be posted on my socials, my website, and used for any future promotions or marketing artwork. Please let me know if you are not happy for your images to be on social media within your questionnaire and we will lock it down.

What if my kids aren’t cooperating?

We all know that it’s impossible to predict children’s behaviour. This is one of the reasons I love the lifestyle approach to photography. For me, the perfect photo doesn’t need everyone to be sitting still and smiling at the camera. For me, the perfect photo includes the small details, the raw emotion, and your true story.
It’s really important to try not to stress if your kids are misbehaving – if your face is showing frustration and anger then it will be more challenging to capture images you love. Embrace the mood of the day, and rest assured that I can still capture beautiful connections, details and emotions. If your child needs a cuddle because they’re crying and tired – a beautiful image can show their arms wrapped around your neck, or tears falling from their eyes – these are true and
beautiful images.

Can You Edit That?

I am fairly skilled when it comes to editing in and out things.
For all sessions, I will remove any visible bruises, scratches, scars, acne or nicks.
However, if the horse, car or clothing is dirty, unkempt, or presented poorly I will not do any extensive edits without an additional editing fee.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk III and a massive assortment of lenses depending on the session type. Post processing I use Adobe Suite's Lightroom & Photoshop.

What should I bring to the shoot?

If you have chosen a location shoot, it would be great if you could bring a nice blanket to sit on. If there are children in the shoot, you may like to bring a special cuddly toy, or some food to bribe them with! Please make sure the food is not messy and does not come in packets – as this can then become part of your images! I suggest marshmallows or crackers, these are easy to edit out, reasonably mess free and I ALWAYS have wipes with me!

What happens if we have to cancel or if weather is bad on the day?

When booking a shoot, I will take the $100 session fee to secure your spot. If you cancel and don’t reschedule, then this is not reimbursed. However, if you cancel due to illness or any other reason, we can simply reschedule your session. It’s preferable if at least 48 hours notice is given, however I know this isn’t always possible.
If the weather is bad on the day, I will be in contact with you to discuss whether the shoot will continue. If we decide to cancel due to bad weather, we can simply reschedule to another date.

How many people and animals can I bring to my session?

I do not limit the amount of people or animals you can have in your family sessions. If you want to bring your dogs with you too, please do!
I love dogs, they are a huge part of the family.
Equine sessions are limited to one horse per session, if you have multiple horses, please contact me and I am always happy to create a package to suit your budget and needs.

What if my horse is naughty?

This is such an important aspect to consider when choosing a photographer for your session. I specialise in Equine photography and have a wealth of experience working with/riding/handling and photographing horses.
I know it is highly unusual for a horse to go through an entire session with their ears pricked and not putting a hoof out of place. But that’s ok! To be honest it’s what makes each shoot different and challenging (in a good way!).
We will chat about how your horse is likely to behave during your session and if you have any specific concerns we can discuss them.
When it comes to the shoot itself the safety of you and your horse is paramount and I will not ask you to do anything which you are not comfortable with or which feels in any way risky. I allow plenty of time on the shoot specifically, so if by chance your horse may even need a quick lunge or break, there will be time for this. So do not fear, we will create some beautiful photographs and have a giggle whilst doing so no matter how naughty your horse may decide to be!

What if my yard isn't pretty?

Most of the time I travel to where the horse is kept ie. their yard or my clients home for the session. I am however more than happy to travel to a specific location such as a forest or a beach for your session. Please don’t worry if you are looking around your yard and feeling uninspired, I can guarantee there will be some great spots to be found!

Are you vaccinated?

YES - Working within the aged care industry in the past, and caring for my father who lives with me, it is important for his safety that I am vaccinated.
I have up to date covid vaccine, whooping cough and annual flu vaccines.
All clients are welcome to view these certifications prior to our session for peace of mind.