As you could imagine, I have spent many hours learning the art of editing images and using programs like Photoshop & Lightroom. While I wont change the way someone looks, only enhance what features they already have, it is certainly a great skill to have - The learning is never ending!

I do get asked quite a bit if I went to university or did a course to learn my skill, and the short answer is no... I have shot, made mistakes, fixed them and shot again. I cant even tell you the hours I have spent learning online watching YouTube tutorials and following and learning from an assortment of amazing photographers who offer online coaching and courses. But shooting is by far the best way to learn!

Getting the shot right in camera is super important and something that does come over time (I STILL make mistakes!) but sometimes things just need be fixed later on! So, I shoot in RAW, always. This allows me more flexibility when correcting images during post processing.

Hot tip - Shooting in Auto but want to shoot in manual? Take a shot in auto, then go into the image preview and click on the info, check what your camera have shot it at and then flick to manual and tweak it to your own liking and preferences.

Just a few of the edits I can do:

  • Ears forward (horse wont pop ears forward? Thats ok, I can)
  • Halter/Bridle removal
  • Background Clean & poo removal (oh.. and darn FLIES)
  • Posters & Adverts
  • Colour change (hair, eyes, clothing ect)
  • Black or White backgrounds
  • Logo's design

And if I cant do what you request, I will learn how!

Enjoy the before and afters below as well as a few artworks created by me, and if you ever have any questions, reach out! I am always happy to guide a fellow photographer or someone wanting to learn more.

Anyhow, thats enough from me for now!

xx Christie Lyn.